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Мероприятие в этом городе уже прошло


20,00 (200 000) руб.

“L O V E I S D A N G E R O U S”

Ladies and Gentlemen, you and only you are favoured with a splendid luxury to enjoy something highly intelligent and extraordinary: a public conversation with the Wandering Kangaroo, a native Australian-English speaker and philosopher, DAVID of OЗТРАЛИЯ. He will help us to reconsider timeless verities by pondering on the vast and eternal topic of LOVE and its consequences.

The Wandering Kangaroo asks:

• Will people in Belarus be interested to hear my ideas about feminine and masculine?
• Will they accept being challenged about relationships with a partner and themselves?
• Will they want us to analyse Shakespeare's words?
For example:
True Love cannot be found where it does not exist . . .
nor can it be hidden where it does.
Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.

Regardless of the topic, any person who is trying to improve their English language can gain a lot from hearing a native speaker in the flesh. Also, there will be an opportunity to ask absolutely any question within the issues raised.

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